Donisthorpe Hall Trustees appoint Corand as CDM-C on their latest phase [Phase 6] of the development and refurbishment of their 160+ bed Care-home in North Leeds.

Comprising the refurbishment of the 1st floor of the west-wing combined with the addition of 2 small new-built bedrooms; Ph 6 upgrades one of the final older parts of the building to provide superb accommodation that can be favourably compared to that of a quality hotel and friendly, understanding, highly trained staff.

This is why they’re the only independent care home to receive Health Quality Service (CHKS) accreditation and the Hospitality Assured standard for service and business excellence.

The Leeds Jewish Community involvement with elderly care dates back to 1918 when an aged Leeds Jew fell on hard times and died friendless and penniless in lodgings.  The case shocked the Leeds community and businessmen and they joined forces and formulated the idea for a home for the elderly Jewish community in Leeds.

By 1923 a spare ward was set aside to care for the elderly at the Herzl Moser Hospital in Leopold Street in Chapeltown.  This coincided with the formation of a new charity known as the Leeds Old Aged Home.

By 1928 the cause of aged, needy and infirm Jews became a number one priority in the community and premises were  obtained at a large house in Cowper Street.  The property grew to home 48 residents by 1943.

In 1956, the Donisthorpe estate in Shadwell crept quietly on to the market.  It was an enviable site stretching almost from Moortown Ring Road down to Street Lane, where the Judean Club was later to be built.

Through some forward thinking Trustees in the late 90’s, Donisthorpe Hall have systematically upgraded and extended the Care-home thru a number of strategic phases.

The Start, Silver Lodge: A 40-bed new-build residential

  • Ph 1: Goldman Wing, GF.  Refurbishment
  • Ph 2: Goldman Wing, 1F. Refurbishment
  • Ph 3: Woodlands, 4 storey 23-bed new-build Dementia & Alzeimer Care-suite
  • Ph 4: Manny Cussins, LGF. 6-bed refurbishment
  • Ph 5: Unit 5, 1F & UGF. 12-bed refurbishment
  • Ph 6: Unit 2, 1F. 15-bed refurbishment