Mythbusters: Cotton Wool

Myth: Health and safety risks stop children playing ‘pin the tail on the donkey’!

The reality We recently read that the traditional party game ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ is allegedly under threat because parents consider it a health and safety risk.

Not trusting children with drawing pins seems a little overprotective to us. After […]

Mythbusters: Pull-over

Myth: You don’t need to secure your load if you’re just driving down the road

The reality If not properly secured, vehicle loads can become unsafe, even over a short distance.  Loads that haven’t been firmly tied down increase the risk of vehicle rollover and spillage. They risk the lives of drivers and other road users, and […]

Mythbusters: Toothpicks?

Myth: The HSE still bans this, that and the other

The reality We’ve said it all before, but there are still too many reports that HSE and health and safety law are responsible for all sorts of bans – cheese-rolling events, knitting
in hospitals and even toothpicks!  In reality HSE has banned very little outright, apart from […]

Mythbusters: Rocket Science

Myth: Risk assessments are too complicated for me to do!

Carrying out a risk assessment should be straightforward. It’s about
focusing on real risks and hazards that cause real harm and, more importantly,
taking action to control them.

As seen on on the HSE Website

Mythbusters: Slips & Trips

Myth: There’s nothing you can do about slips and trips and they don’t really hurt anyone anyway

Most slips and trips are preventable and many happen when spills aren’t cleared up or clutter tidied away. Last year, there were four fatalities and more than 10 000 employees were seriously injured when they had a slip […]

Mythbusters: Gas Appliances

Myth: It’s ok to get a general handyman to work on gas appliances

Gas and cowboys don’t mix! Anyone who is employed to work on gas appliances must be listed on the Gas Safe Register. If the person you’re using isn’t registered then they might not be safe and they are also breaking the law.  Incorrectly fitted […]

Mythbusters: Christmas Decorations

Myth: Workers are banned from putting up Christmas decorations in the office.

The reality Bah Humbug! Each year we hear of companies banning their workers from putting up Christmas decorations in their offices for ‘health and safety’ reasons, or requiring the work to be done by a ‘qualified’ person.  Most organisations including HSE and local councils manage to […]

Mythbuster: Trampolines

Myth: Children need to be wrapped in cotton wool to keep them safe

The reality Health and safety law is often used as an excuse to stop children taking part in exciting activities, but well-managed risk is good for them. It engages their imagination, helps them learn and even teaches them to manage risks for themselves in […]

Mythbuster: Bonfires

Myth: Health and safety laws ban bonfires

Despite the story of a rugby club showing a film of a bonfire instead of lighting a real one, health and safety legislation doesn’t ban them.  Over the coming months, millions of people will be enjoying Diwali and Guy Fawkes Night celebrations. So if you’re organising a public event, now […]

Mythbusters: Bonkers / Conkers

Myth: Kids must wear goggles to play conkers!

The reality This is one of the oldest chestnuts around, a truly classic myth.

A wellmeaning head teacher decided children should wear safety goggles to play conkers.  Subsequently some schools appear to have banned conkers on ‘health & safety’ grounds or made children wear goggles, or even padded gloves!

Realistically the […]